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March 31 - April 28, 2024

MON - FRI: By appointment

SAT - SUN: 10am - 5pm

Sacks & Bird is thrilled to announce ‘Passages’, a group show bringing together four exciting artists - Katie Mawson, Jasper Cheng, Carol Douglas, and Vivien Thomason - working with painting and textiles.


The show humbly suggests that our perception offers but a partial view of reality. Another reality co-exists, concealed beneath the visible world. The pieces displayed in this Spring Exhibition serve as conduits to this realm – they possess an ethereal quality, providing ‘passages’ to embark on a journey of introspection and wonder, traversing thresholds of consciousness.


What significance do the worlds of imagination and representation have within the tapestry of our existence? How do dreams and memories intertwine with our concept of reality? Society often diminishes their importance, relegating them to realms of lesser truth and validity. What insights might we glean if we were to earnestly explore these domains?


Our exhibition extends an invitation to transcend the confines of habitual perception, urging viewers to embrace the sensation of venturing into places unknown – an immense world of delight.

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October Pop-Up 

Our pop-up exhibition on Shipton Street ran between October 13th and the 31st, 2023. 'O Rose, Cut in Rock' brought together works of art inspired by the home and for the home. We lovingly curated an intimate exhibition that imagined painting within the domestic space. 


Our exhibition celebrated the work of six exciting female artists we were drawn to for their exquisite rendering of their subjects, their distinctive earthy palettes, and our sense that the ghost of British modernism lingered and lived through their works. Each work breathes a quiet revolution, one that starts at home in the orderly domestic space. 

Our opening night was so successful, we decided to have a closing celebration! Thank you to everyone who came down for drinks, plenty of joie de vivre, and the opportunity to see the artworks in person. 

Our October popup has now ended. Our next popup will be at the end of March/early April. Sign up to our mailing list to stay informed! 

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