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art consultancy

We provide art consultancy services for both residential and commercial projects. Supplying a fresh perspective, we simplify the process of navigating the art world and devise solutions that fit the brief and feel personal to our client.


Our services include: 


  • Sourcing modern and contemporary artwork for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and retail spaces

  • Creating bespoke collections

  • Sourcing work for interior designers

  • Acquisition of art for charity events

  • Commissioning

  • Rehanging existing artwork

  • Creating gallery walls. 

the process


The first step is our complimentary art consultation. We learn about the client's vision, a plan is outlined and a fee structure is established. 



Josephine will conduct extensive research and create an art proposal in the form of a slide deck presentation, containing a range of different options which will allow us to narrow down the client's taste. This is an ongoing, interactive process. Josephine's responsiveness and understanding of her client's needs, will help finalise the artists and artworks that will be selected in a timely and expedient fashion.


viewings and acquisition 

Viewings will be scheduled, and where possible, art will be brought to the client's residence or commercial space. Josephine's turnkey service means she will handle all negotiations, and logistics such as framing and re-framing,  delivery, and if necessary, installation.


final presentation

We will help devise art presentation solutions, including curation in situ. 

fee structure

Our fee structure will be arranged in our initial consultation. We are sensitive and responsive to our client's preferences - offering either an hourly rate or an overall project fee depending on the nature of the project. 

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