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  • Born in Hong Kong in 1999, Jasper Cheng belongs to a generation who are sensitive to the precariousness of the present political moment. Jasper's works are an escapism from this instability as he pursues alternate realities in his art, whether those be facilitated or inspired by dreaming, technology or off-grid living. Jasper’s art longs for solace and embraces vulnerability and authenticity in the face of an uncertain future. 


    Just as words can paint a picture in ones imagination, a nostalgic memory may cause one to find themselves living in a nebulous fantasy. Jasper’s work is a dreamlike escape from the hard edges of reality, presenting the ordinary in a cloud of warm haze and technicoloured dream. His works tell the story of a city boy’s desire to find comfort in the midst of a loud and flashy society. Jasper, who grew up in noughties Hong Kong, paints rural landscapes and retro cars that provides an escape more fitted to the heartfelt emotions of his generation.

    Redwoods by Jasper Cheng

    • 2023

      Emulsion and pumice on canvas

      Dimensions: 150 x 130 cm

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