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  • Carol Douglas is a York based artist who, after a lifetime of collecting paintings, enrolled in an art foundation course at York Art College. Since then she has devoted her life to creating her own works and honing her craft. Now aged seventy-one, her work is coveted by collectors and interior designers alike. Her work has been shown at a number of major exhibitions across the UK, and she has taken on exciting collaborations with designers and companies such as TOAST. 


    Inspired by Outsider Art, Art Brut and Folk Art, her style is also heavily informed by the work of kitchen sink painter, John Bratby, who portrayed his subjects surrounded by the detritus of domestic life. Similarly, Carol explores images of domesticity with quiet introspection. Carol's works are characterised by their distinctive earthy palette, the seeming weightlessness of the figures she depicts, and her willingness to challenge the rules of perspective. 

    Dreamscape by Carol Douglas

    • Acrylic on canvas 

      Hand-finished obeche tray frame

      Dimensions: 54 x 103 cm

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