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  • Vivien Thomason is a British artist, originally from Carlisle and residing in London. Her decades of experience in the fashion industry allowed her to develop the complex and dynamic use of color Thomason is known for today. As a buying director running design departments, creating jewelry ranges and fashion accessories for international retailers, the artist's credentials explain her keen eye for color and detail as well as her distinctive style. Her work is interested in themes of female identity, the climate catastrophe, and Britain’s colonial history, which she captures through recurring motifs in her work such as avenging women and apocalyptic figures. Recently, Thomason has been exploring the theme of reclaiming Gauguin's Tahitian women as dominant, positive, drip-rendered 'witches.' 

    Four Furies II by Vivien Thomason

    • Acrylic on canvas

      Frame: Brushed black wood

      Dimensions: 66 x 47 cm including frame

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